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ariel rebel

Today i was wondering around the city, it was quite nice outside, sunny day people all over the place, i was checking out the chicks, well don’t get me wrong but i enjoy in seeing some hot babe with nice booty, finally i sow some hot chick she was looking a lot alike naughty teen Ariel Rebel.

I went to the girl and asked her: ” I am sorry for disturbing you but, aren’t you sister of Ariel Rebel, of course she looked at me like i am some alien or something smiled and asked no, i am not, but you don’t have to be sorry for asking me that…” So in a while we were drinking coffee laughting and enjoying in eachother, it was quite fun, i got her number, have a second date, and we shall see what’s going to be from that, anyways let’s get back to our beauty Ariel Rebel.

This sexy teen is looking barely legal but in fact she is a little bit over 18 years, but all in all she’s looking pretty sweet, in some way she is real rebel enjoying in everything that life is giving to her and standing in front of her believes! I preffere girls like her, first look at her site doesn’t give high oppinion about it but in fact you can see there are constant updates and picture and videos in high resolution, even some videos of Ariel Rebel in I POD format!

Opened members area and i have a lot of things to see over there, this is one hawt teen, she is doing it in every position from posing non nude to full nude pictures,rubbing her sweet pussy, taking hard dick in her horny peach! You can find it all in there, the only thing you need is password, take a deep breath and go get it!



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2 responses to “Naughty Teens – Ariel Rebel”

  1. Teenmaniac says:

    I have ejaculated a lot of time whan I look this girl and her little pussy, I waited to have my balls full of cum 🙂

  2. thomas dobias says:

    to ariel rebel where was that cute photo
    taken of you in you black&white strip top taken
    id like to know e.mail me thank you

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