Hot Nude Teen Wendi walking alone in the woods


Here is some different type of girls, opposite from cute and sexy American and latina teens this is full blooded Russian Teen, her name is Wendi, maybe she doesn’t have the cuttest face on the worl but there is something about her that is making her so sexy, maybe that tight belly in combination with really nice pair of tits, or the thing that she really know how to make some men happy, she just love to give blowjobs and like to take it up the ass!

Today she decided she wanted to take a walk deep into a forest she wanted to relax from all day problem she has, but the thing she didn’t count about criminals that are hiding in the forest, so when she went pretty deep inside she came across some of these thugs! They threaten to her and made her take her clothes and spreading her long never ending legs, they wanted to have a taste of her pink tiny pussy, they never had sex with such hot teens, at first she was afraid and tight but after a bit she relaxed and you could clearly see that she started enjoying being fucked by these guys.

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