Brooke Marks – My Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and this sexy girl Brooke Marks really knows how to wear a costume. Green is her favorite color and wearing this sexy outfit is barely covering anything, she is trying to be “scary” as that dude from the cartoon monsters, but as far as i recall he was just a green eye ball and quite funny. Never the less let’s get back to this sexy hottie. We have written about her adventures couple of times before. Last time was when Brooke Marks was taking a bubble bath! She is having this green see trough top green hat and slick green panties that can’t hold her sexy ass inside. When she showed the costume she started teasing us with taking one thing just after another, revealing her sweet sexy boobs! After showing boobs the stuff just flight off her tight teen body, she lost the skirt and that tight panties that were not covering anything :D. Her well shaved pink pussy was just there at the open for anyone to take it. She had a lot of fun showing her tight sexy body  and slowly but steadily she is becoming one of my favorite sexy teens!



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